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    1. 2020 官網升級中!現在您訪問官網的瀏覽器設備分辨率寬度低于1280px

      Kaiyan News

      Stick to the front line in the golden week and share the new chapter of the motherland

      Time: 2021-11-05

      During the national day, Mid Autumn Festival and tourism season, the colleagues of Shanghai Kaiyan machinery project service department did not go on a carnival trip, but gave up vacation and entertainment, gave up the rare opportunity to reunite with their families in a year, and still stuck to their job – the customer’s project site, They strive to install and debug the products in minutes and seconds, deduce the pride of youth with their own style, interpret the development concept of “safe peers, innovation and win-win” of Shanghai Kaiyan machinery, ensure the smooth progress of the project and the safety of customers’ power generation production, establish a good corporate image in the hearts of customers and win a good reputation.

      As we all know, in the current market economy environment, without good after-sales service, we can’t be based on the market at all. As early as its establishment, Shanghai Kaiyan machinery attached great importance to the cultivation of service team, continuously improved service quality, improved after-sales service procedures and standardized after-sales service management. The colleagues of Shanghai Kaiyan machinery project service department are a group of “excellent martial arts”. They have excellent communication ability, coordination ability, problem-solving ability, good service consciousness and team consciousness, and have overcome one on-site technical service problem after another.

      Due to the particularity of the project, the power generation industry usually cuts off power for installation and maintenance on holidays. This time, the demander requires that the installation and commissioning must be completed during the national day. The time is tight and the task is heavy. Shanghai Kaiyan machinery project service department quickly makes arrangements and assigns two technical engineers to fly directly to the project site from other sites to complete the installation and commissioning. The two employees are the “old man” of Kaiyan machinery, with excellent professional technology. They have accumulated rich on-site installation service experience in practice and are hardworking. Of course, other colleagues in the project service department are also very outstanding and can be competent for the technical service of any project. They fulfilled their mission and successfully completed the after-sales technical service, which was highly praised by the demander and added a great deal of brilliance to the after-sales service of Kaiyan machinery.

      Please praise your hard-working colleagues! Please praise the high-quality after-sales service of Shanghai Kaiyan machinery!