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      Kaiyan News

      Struggle busy time, we grow together—— Kaiyan machinery employees’ birthday party in November

      Time: 2021-11-26

      There is a kind of enterprise care

      Moisten things silently

      Always quietly immersed in the heart

      It must be special fate

      To come all the way.


      Happy birthday!

      ? Growth meets unexpectedly, and the birthday comes as scheduled. On the afternoon of November 16, Shanghai Kaiyan machinery ushered in the November employee birthday party. Colleagues gathered in the conference room to send sincere wishes to the birthday star colleagues of that month. Everyone released their love with joy, thanked the company with laughter, and shared the delicious cake and the joy of the birthday party.

      We make a good wish together:

      Happy birthday, happiness and health!

      The monthly birthday party is the tradition of Shanghai Kaiyan machinery. It is a simple and warm collective birthday party, which is the affirmation of the company’s long-term hard work. We get together and communicate with each other, which not only enriches the employees’ spiritual and cultural life, but also enhances the employees’ sense of belonging and team cohesion.


      美好時光? 有你們相伴

      We share weal and woe on the way of struggle

      Create a warm and harmonious Kaiyan with love

      Kaiyan is even brighter because of you

      You are more brilliant because of Kaiyan




      In life, fate begins with “meeting”, and love is longer than “company”.

      Only wish the big family of Shanghai Kaiyan machinery can bring you warmth and joy.

      For more information about Kaiyan machinery, please visit the official website of Kaiyan machinery at www.sdhlhs.com

      WeChat official account: Kai Yan machinery

      Tel: 021-647240 (Ministry of Commerce)