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      ABOUT US

      Convenient operation for valve&safety mechanical interlock

      Shanghai Kaiyan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to industrial safety product, technical solution and engineering service. Through breakthrough technological innovation, we have successfully developed two patented products with independent intellectual property right: flexible transmission system and coded safety mechanical interlock. Our products have passed certification of authoritative department and meet industrial safety technical standard. We aim to provide safe solution for dangerous operation of valve in petrochemical industry, power plant, marine ship and nuclear energy industry.
      01 PROFESSIONAL Professional and senior technical service team

      Rich field experience and strong team have established the company as an industry pioneer and a leader in industrial safety system solutions.

      02 SECURITY Safe peers, innovation and win-win results

      While striving to provide safe, high-quality and reliable industrial safety products for the society, we are facing the new situation, new opportunities and new tasks.

      03 RESPONSIBILITY Convenient operation of valves & safety mechanical interlocking

      By promoting scientific and technological progress, ensure the safety of people's lives and property, and finally promote economic development and the all-round progress of human society.

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      Development Course
      Valve safety system Mechanical five prevention system Solution